Restructure and Rewire your Cellular Wealth DNA
for Bold Money Mastery

You know you’ve got a money problem and you keep hitting the same money wall.

You don’t know how to break through and you’ve:

  • Tried all the courses, audio programs, and subliminals offering a quick fix
  • Created vision boards said all the affirmations that are still yet to come true
  • Paid thousands of dollars in marketing and advertising fees
  • Followed online gurus who’ve made it look so easy but have nothing to show
  • Done so much “energy work” yet you still feel so drained and tired
  • Worked long hours, taken on low paid roles and still come up short
  • Reached rock bottom and you can’t work out why nothing’s worked
  • Gotten to a point of feeling afraid and numb to the sensations of your body

You’re here because you’ve worked your ass off! You know you can’t keep it up at longer, whilst you may have had some small wins its come at great personal expense to your health and relationships.

I know that you feel tired, disconnected and burnt out…

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way!

Are you ready to transform your life? Not everyone is…

I hit a certain level of success in my life and business and got STUCK! I knew I was meant for more, but my past emotions kept unconsciously coming up to sabotage my efforts and I was struggling to move forward. 

I tried using all the magickal and spiritual methods I could get my hands on, but I still felt like something was missing. There was a state of radiance and PEACE that I was yearning for but just seemed out of my reach. 

It wasn’t until I did DEEP CELLULAR WORK TO REWIRE MY DNA to its original state that I reaslised no amount of energy work would work. It was like trying to plant a beautiful tree in old, brown nutrientless dirt. Nothing I’d plant would flourish until I replenished the soil. 

As someone who has felt deep aching pain in her heart, her finances and watched life pass her by, I know you too, can turn your life around and feel that you are living from a place of TRUE POWER and ABUNDANCE.

It was from seeing all the fancy millionaire gurus give hyped up financial advice leaving people struggling and spinning their wheels that I have been able to come from a place of solid lasting financial stability. It was a life altering experience for me and I am excited to share this with you.

Through serving clients just like you in over 30 countries, I can show you how it’s possible to eliminate all the trapped emotions from any point of your life, including your past lives. 

I will show you how to step into Divine RADIANCE, receive money effortlessly with grace and ease. 

Let me help clear your CELLULAR WEALTH DNA to embrace an abundant life that you deserve!

Love Nadia xo

The Cellular Wealth Process Works Through:

  1. Releasing trapped ancestral emotional blocks like loss, shock, failure, unworthiness, hopelessness, shame

  2. Eliminating and healing hidden trauma and emotions from your current energy body

  3. Polishing and cleansing your sacral chakra, which is your creativity and money making core lie

  4. Repairing your damaged money DNA & RNA systems then restructuring your cellular systems 

  5. Rewiring your money blueprint from the inside out to magnetize wealth and receive abundance 

  6. Enabling you to turn your affirmations into meaningful declarations 

  7. Expanding your money containers so you can attract, retain and multiply money

  8. Upgrading your internal money operating systems to show up with boldness, vigor and COMMAND

  9. Freeing your heart to receive Divine Love and bring in the best financial experiences

  10. Rebuilding your core with Steel Slat, empowering you to ask and receive the best, with CONFIDENCE

  11. Unlocking your sacral core, which amplifies your sexual command and makes you a magnet for all your desires

Are you bold enough to step up?

To TAKE BACK what you really want and deserve?

Are you ready to be opened up, to receive the LOVE, WEALTH

and HARMONY that you’ve longed for?

Change is never easy, it’s scary and this is not a quick fix

nor a get rich quick scheme.

It’s not for everyone.


I am here for you and will help you thrive and win.

Restructure and Rewire your Cellular Wealth DNA
for Bold Money Mastery

In the Cellular Wealth Program, you will receive…

24/7 Email Access for 30 Days

Investing in transforming your financial journey is an exceptionally commendable feat. Hence you always receive priority access by email where you’re free to ask me anything and you will receive a response within 24 hours to help you gain clarity and feel motivated on your journey ahead.

Support & Accountability​

I will help guide and navigate your journey to achieving your goals. No matter how difficult or impossible you may feel, I will be there to support you. Through persistence and determination, we will work on it, break it down into bite sized chunks and make it happen! No more excuses or overwhelm.

Exclusive Mentoring

You will have the opportunity for private mentoring. After the programme, you will come to discover a whole new world has opened up to you. Many can teach you about the world, few can teach you about yourself. I will be personally available to support you in the next chapter of your journey as your wealth guide and mentor.


I am here for you and will help you thrive and win.

And the next steps are as easy as…

The following reports on completion…

Emotional Clearing Report – The 20 emotions I’ve cleared per one session

Trauma Age Report – A breakdown of ages that the trapped emotion or trauma occurred

Past Life Report – A history of any significant negative emotionally anchored events from your past life

Inter Generational Money Report – Your record of generational or inherited limiting money stories

Emotional Chakra Report – A list of which emotions are trapped in which chakras in your timeline

There was nothing ever wrong with you, the emotional walls that were blocking you, have finally been released.

Now you are free…


  • Being energised and empowered around your finances that you make all the correct financial decisions with ease because you’re grounded and centred 

  • Feeling creatively inspired, balanced and stable as you flex your newly found financial muscles and stand tall with your sense of abundant self worth and joy

  • Exuberating confidence as you spend your money with the people you love and are finally able to upgrade all those things you’ve always wanted but put off 

  • Asking, receiving and earning what you’re truly worth because you now function at the Highest Frequency of Divine Love and attract the best financial opportunities

  • Seeing your declarations of your new, confident money life; come true as you operate out of your true self worth and have a solid strategy to bring in money and put it to good use.


  • You’re looking for a get rich quick scheme

  • You feel real change is “too expensive” and expect something for nothing

  • You are not prepared to work hard or are not willing to change

  • You feel that you are a victim and others are to blame

  • You are unwilling to commit or put the hard work into an action plan

  • You’re not open to take direction and counsel from being mentored/guided along

  • You’re content where you are in life and aren’t looking to achieve anymore

  • Your style of working is endless hustle, grinding, and pushing for things instead of allowing them to flow naturally


  • You have a Spiritual/Energetic understanding of Money (or are open and willing to learn)

  • You’re willing to do the internal work on yourself to create sustainable lasting change

  • You’re ready to finally make friends with money and feel real expansive Self-Love

  • You want to win at life and are determined to learn how to do it right

  • You know that self-discipline is the key to all healthy decision making

  • You are ready to invest in yourself

  • You know that you are happy to receive help to transform your life

  • You are ready to commit and take action to change!


Achieve a healthy, empowered relationship with money Approach money with new vigor, power, and confidence!

Increase your self worth & self-discipline Empower you to see the world from a winning wealth mentality Fortify your resolve to ask for what you’re truly worth

Feel secure, stable, and balanced with your financial decision making Feel the strength and command of Divine Love attracting the best opportunities.

Enjoy the path ahead filled with clarity and financial magnetism.

Q: What is the investment rate?

A: It is £2,497 GBP investment to invest in this bundle.

Q: Do I receive Clauneck’s direct input on this programme?

A: You do, yes. Clauneck will be inputting his direct and bold guidance to empower you to stoke your inner fire, to stand up and have the winning CAN DO IT attitude to achieve Success in all areas you desire.


Q: Do you have payment plans?

A: We do. You can pay monthly through

Q: Can I purchase this as a gift for someone?

A: You absolutely can! Just let us know via direct email, and we will add a gift note to your order.

Q: How exactly does the cleanse and rite work?

A: Both items are performed remotely through your photo, full name, and DOB. We leverage energies to bend them in your favour, so you identify opportunities and operate at high energetic and creative levels.