How To Give Up Magical Thinking and Embrace Practical Results In Your Life


I am occult specialist Nadia Arain .I use psychic and spiritual intelligence to guide entrepreneurs in creating lasting financial success and healthy,balanced life.

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Magical thinking is something that most people find themselves into. 

Personally, I am a HUGE fan of Divine Timing. However, being a Spartanite; I am also deathly practical and pragmatic. This means that if something isn’t showing up in your life, you have to be aware that you’re simply out of alignment with it. Energetic shifts are VERY fast and speedy. I have personally felt them overnight (yes, literally like waking up the next morning and feeling it) and so have many Spartanites and Spartanite Men.

The magical thinking, I am referring to; is the wishful, hopeful stuff. The stuff you get when someone’s head is stuck in the clouds and they are daydreaming all day long. Not MAGICK itself. Magick is the MOST practical way to shift your life into the gear that you want. Sure, people have their moral outrage (lol) and their reservations, however giving up magical thinking actually puts you onto the path of REAL transformation in your life because your head is not stuck in the clouds and you’re taking action in real time.

Lots of sales gurus, speak about taking huge bunches of action, however no one really exemplifies it into the Spiritual alignment. A perfect example of this was a time that I had a pedicure and the lady was saying “Nadia, please pray for me to get a mortgage” and I said “I surely will! What have you done to secure this mortgage though?”. Her face dropped. We both knew her answer was nothing.

That is not how to live life. 

You may WANT something but until it becomes an obsession for you, you won’t have it. 

When I was 16, I nervously asked my first Spiritual mentor about having my own business. It was a dream I had and he was so much older to me and a great Clairvoyant and reader. I will never forget his response. “Nadia, you don’t have to worry about it being a dream. You will MAKE it a dream. You’re young today however open minded. I’d advise you to really get busy going after what you want”. 

There are MANY people who come to Spartanite, and the people who achieve their goal of whatever it is they actually want, are the people who are COMMITTED. They want the goal more than the excuse. They are tired of the same old BS and they are HUNGRY to change. This type of hunger naturally comes to Entrepreneurially people, whereas Employment usually beats it out of you at varying degrees. It doesn’t make one thing better than another — it just makes it easier from an Entrepreneurial space to go after what you want (the energy supports it, basically).

Life is a radio station and frequencies are contagious in both good and bad ways. As an Empath and Clairsentient psychic, I am careful about where I go and what events I show up to. I ensure that I do my best to be dialed into my own intuition, to know when to approach and fall back from situations and I advise you to the EXACT same. It is a proven strategy for Success, because you come to find that embracing practical results simply means committing to your goal, and then making sure your aura is bright and clear to bring you into line with it. In order to shift your story, you have to LET GO of the past although it has shaped you into who you are, and LEAVE it there.

I will never forget when someone said to me “Love isn’t a business plan. You can’t plan for it.”. It was comical, because everything is a plan in life. By defacto, when you PLAN and you are STRATEGIC about that planning, what you want, WILL come because you’re totally obsessed, hell-bent, and committed for the result to show up. Giving up magical thinking is a game changer, because it will allow the REAL Occult knowledge to flow through and you can take pragmatic actions with the Spiritual Knowledge you are given, to bring the best results about!


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I am occult specialist Nadia Arain. I use psychic and spiritual intelligence to guide entrepreneurs on creating lasting financial success and a healthy, balanced life.


4 responses to “How To Give Up Magical Thinking and Embrace Practical Results In Your Life”

  1. Charli says:

    I truly enjoyed reading this morning! Thank you.

    I had a very similar conversation with my best friend this weekend about being practical. We are both extremely practical people; and we function best that way. We are both also bosses. So as employers, we see how incredible being practical can be. It makes any system or operation run smoothly.

    Thank you again,

    • NadiaArain says:

      Hey Charli!

      I am glad you did! 🙂 Yes, I used to be an employer as well and you cannot have anything minus a system. Just create the system and follow it, and you will find yourself practically being in line with whatever you want!

  2. cassandra says:

    Nadia, I am in my mid 50’s. I have been teaching at a community college full time for 18 years. I am ready to move my life to the next level financially. I want to focus on whichever endeavor in my life is going to bring me prosperity. My goal is /was to build a platform on YouTube to help me promote the first 3 books of My Jungle Beauty Goddess fiction book series. I feel unsure about YouTube because the growth is very slow. I was thinking about taking out a loan to market the books, but I am so mired in student loan debt. I don’t know how to know what I should give my all to. I am a natural workhorse–but it has not gotten me to my ultimate dream to be a best-selling author.

    • NadiaArain says:

      Hey Cassandra,

      Thanks for your comment! I understand. In Business, growth is always slow because you’re trying to trial up new things and you have to pivot accordingly. Some things work, and some do not. I would definitely not recommend a loan, if you have a tonne of student loan debt to begin with. I would say, focus on what you truly want, and then run with that!

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