I found her approach to be fun, insightful, and informative…

– Rebecca Louise Huggins

I have worked as a client with Nadia on several occasions and found her approach to be fun, insightful, and informative. She has given me advice with the support of her guide Belvia yielding desired results and open me up to allowing in a better way of being. I feel empowered by her approach and able to implement her tools without feeling like I “have to” or that if I don’t use her approach that I am not a good person for not doing so. I deeply appreciate her support and value her and her work immensely. I look forward to working with her in the future.

her questions are both triggering & thought provoking…

– Shareene White

The Spartanite has been like a breath of fresh air in my life. Working with Nadia is fun, enjoyable and informative. The use of spiritual & practical knowledge has been fantastic and a lot more relateable than conventional methods have ever been. Her questions are both triggering & thought provoking but together with her action steps make the results I receive are fast and have aided in the continual growth & development of my life both professionally & personally.

Her accuracy blows me away and I absolutely love her guide, Belvia…

– Alexandra Gialanze

I have been reading with Nadia for a couple of months now. Her accuracy blows me away and I absolutely love her guide, Belvia. Nadia has the ability to give you the news you need to hear, but in a way that does not make you feel hopeless. I know she is well connected because I have called her regarding one issue and she will bring me a message that’s urgent on another. My first call with her was amazing. I asked her about a relationship and have nothing except the other person’s name. She tuned in immediately and started basically explaining the entire situation to me. My jaw hit the floor. Nadia doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, but she does offer guidance which is why I keep coming back to her. She is wonderful and I truly consider her a mentor as well as a friend.

her wisdom, guidance and challenges have lead me to look at things from multiple levels

– Debbie Louise Cannon

I was referred to Nadia through a friend when I told her that I was seeking a business coach/mentor. When I spoke to her about Nadia she did warn me that Nadia would set a rocket up my ass!

With a recommendation as good as this I had to make enquiries and Nadia and I have been working together almost 12 months now.
All I can say is that her wisdom, guidance and challenges have lead me to look at things from multiple levels. She has given me her wisdom and guided me through the early stages of building my brand, and all I can say is I am truly grateful, humbled and honoured to have Nadia as a mentor

If you want someone to baby sit you through your process, agree with everything you say, and not challenge you I would look elsewhere.

If you actually want a coach/mentor who will push you to limits that far exceed your wildest expectations? Then look no further.

Thank you Nadia. You rock!

Nadia is a power house full of advice & knowledge and a true motivator…

– Perm Bassi

Nadia is a power house full of advice & Knowledge and a
true motivator….
her refreshing approach to the Spa, Business and Psychic world & guidance is a true
gift to work with

She opened up new possibilities and helped me look at the bigger picture

– Joanie Amelia Wegman

I enjoyed the inspiring upbeat encouragement that I received from Nadia during my coaching. She opened up new possibilities and helped me look at the bigger picture and not focus on the negative aspects of business. She is smart and intuitive and I would love for you to sign up for her coaching skills!

There is nothing she doesn’t know and no question she can’t answer!

– Helen Crosbie

Nadia Arain is a truly inspirational mentor. Prepare to be blown away by her business knowledge. There is nothing she doesn’t know and no question she can’t answer! Not only that, she is also extremely kind, understanding and able to explain complex business issues in plain English which has helped my understanding no end.

As a holistic therapist, I’m more focused on doing “my thing” than on being a business person, but enter Nadia and her skills and enthusiasm, and all of a sudden I’m a thriving entrepreneur, firing on all cylinders with my business and doing better than ever. She has helped me to clarify my goals and ideas, construct them into a coherent plan complete with killer marketing strategy, and implement in super-quick time.
I have learned so much in an incredibly short time thanks to her no-nonsense, straight talking style and I feel as though I’ve been consulted on fast forward.

She was able to pinpoint, after just a short chat, exactly where my weaknesses lay and started to put them right almost immediately. Working with Nadia has been the boost and breath of fresh air my dwindling business so desperately needed.
I strongly recommend any business owner, strategist and high performance individual to work with Nadia. Start maximising your revenue with her amazing systems right now!

The Spartanite is a movement that every woman should invest in…

– Tiffany Whitsey

The Spartanite is a movement that every woman should invest in, no matter where you are on your journey. I happened to be in a very bad place when I bought Nadia’s Spartanite book– the first time and it helped me pick up the broken pieces to move forward with my plans. The book will enlighten you, encourage you and equip you to take the necessary steps to be a Bold and Beautiful woman and to not take any crap from anyone including yourself!! Nadia is a powerhouse and very HILARIOUS. She keeps it real and raw which is exactly
what all women need.

Thank you.

  • Holy cow! I’ve never left feedback seconds after hanging up the phone. This woman is beyond gifted. I’m having trouble typing as my hands are shaking from her accuracy. Read with her. PERIOD. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced. She is amazing. Hands down knew everything about the person in question. I barely said a word. She uses cards but DEF does not need them. Nadia is connected to a realm far beyond this one and has the answers you seek.

  • Nadia’s accuracy is astoundingly scary sometimes! I was feeling a bit anxious about an exam and how various things would unfold in my life. She told me something that happened the same day word for word. I talked to her at about 10:50 am and around 5:35pm that very same day everything came together. I called her back to thank her because she was such a blessing. I am just waiting to see how her other predictions pan out. God bless and thank you.

  • Nadia is an exceptionally gifted reader. Her guide Belvia is amazingly accurate. Her ability to read a situation with precision and detail is jaw dropping. I look forward to her time line coming to fruition. She’s wonderfully sweet and has a great sense of humor. She just gets it. She is far and ahead above the premier psychics at triple her rate. I Love her!

  • Nadia is inexplicably amazing! She enlightens you with incredibly accurate details that will leave you beyond clear on whatever specific situation you want to know more about. She can read on multiple areas and is able to guide you through future opportunities. On top of her truly sharp abilities as a psychic, she is caring, witty, and so pleasant to speak with. I have more clarity and spiritual balance. I cannot thank her enough.

  • Nadia is the best yet – if you are reading this, you need to read with her!! I’ve spoken with so many gifted psychics, and she is gold. Our discussions have been life-changing. Connects quickly with your energy and others around you. Accurate as can be! Doesn’t waste your time, delivers insight, timing, details, and tangible advice in a compassionate yet no BS way. Nadia, your wit combined with your precise delivery is one of a kind.

  • Thank you so much, Nadia. You were extremely accurate and kind. Very detailed reading, she explains everything in a way you can easily understand. Our connection was very strong. She’s so understanding and patient. She gave me details about my situation that only I and the people involved would know. She was picking up exact words that I have thought in my head and said regarding my situation. I am amazed and blown away.

  • Nadia is AMAZING, a person you must read with, she is down to earth, funny, a pleasure to speak with and most of all ACCURATE! She is the first psychic ever in my whole life where I bought a reading from her as soon as we ended to continue for more time. Her spirit guide Belvia was able to see everything I needed to take my business to 6 figures! Thank you, Nadia, you made my day and I will definitely call you.

  • Wowser! That was a truly insightful incredible reading that just hit in statements and facts about my past, present and future. It staggered me how accurate Nadia was with no leading information, nor even asking if I had a question, just what area of my life would I like her to look at. I found Nadia very wise and credible. She not only has the raw skill and real psychic ability I look for in a psychic, but she also has the polish and experience that made the reading an all around enjoyable experience. Definitely coming back for more!

Book Reviews

Great item, fantastic book, I found it inspiring, motivating and easy to digest. A lot of useful info I can actually apply and feels genuinely supportive and soul nourishing. Nadia writes in a way I can absorb and integrate whilst inspiring my own thought processes instead of feeling pressured to “be like her”! Highly recommended!

This book is good from start to finish. It is filled with great advice and has wonderful gems throughout. It is entertaining & I am glad I purchased it.

WOW. Once again, this is confirmation that the Spartanite Movement truly is TAKING OVER! Women of ALL walks of life will benefit from this read. Men who desire Spartanite Wives will also LOVE THIS! In a society full of competition, who is really winning? The Confident Woman isn’t going to enter into a useless, energy-draining competition for Approval from People that do not even know who they are. The Spartanite is what I like. The Spartanite is who I LOVE!

Great book. Even a better read. Nadia doesn’t bulls*** at all when it comes to sharing her insights on business. I will sincerely give this to anyone who is seriously considering going into business. You will learn now only how to generate money but also learn the metaphysics and the immutable laws of money in order to keep it flowing.

This was a great book! It was a very easy and quick read but jammed packed with practical useful knowledge to succeed in business. The first thing you notice about Nadia is that she is clearly gifted and knows what she is talking about. She has a way of communicating and cuts to the chase. Do yourself a favor and get this book.