Transform your money story


On a global scale, since the beginning of time, people have been tricked by THE STORY. The fake story that wealth, and those that have it, “look” a certain way.

That someone who may seem to have a casual profession better understands money, it’s acquisition, retention, and handling of it, better than you do.

Many people think money is for the few. Or for the lucky. Or the privileged. What does your story say…?

Of how wealth is EXPERIENCED?



You may find yourself with confusion, inexplicable jealousy, or judgement— — looking at people whom you may feel are UNDESERVING of what you visibly see they possess.

You may think,…”Well they don’t look like they play by the rules or have worked hard enough? Yet this person somehow knows something I don’t?”.

Actually, that’s right. They do know something you may not be aware of.

They know the correct way of handling money and they allow themselves to be the translucent pillar of water through which money flows. Contrary to popular belief, money isn’t this big, difficult concept to grasp.


A paper banknote doesn’t carry any inherent “value.” The value comes from the meaning that we assign to it. If you have not energetically assigned inherent value to yourself…

(You will find yourself not making enough money, or even if you have — not being able to keep it or manage it well. And for those of you that believe that “only the rich get richer”…


…Even for those born into it, if they have not energetically assigned value to themselves, they will lose their wealth.

Think of those that made a fortune, but lost it in the next generation. That generation did not understand inherent value. Perhaps they had a story that they were undeserving, or that they did not have to continue to manage the wealth they inherited. They did not adhere to the laws of wealth that created their inheritance.

Anyone that follows these laws can create wealth.

I am a woman who follows my own rules in conjunction with the immutable laws of money. I have not followed ANY traditional business or money “advice” preached to the masses.

And neither should you.

For you are not one of them, and you have always sensed there was another way. That there were hidden keys to wealth.

I’ve got great news, you are correct!


When you create the inner EMPIRICAL VALUE, inside yourself, money seeks and finds you. But most people don’t wish to create value. Instead, they merely consume it.

Money is quite simply, your birthright. It is your job to step up and claim it. However, for that — you will have to claim new and harmonious thoughts with it. – LIFE AFFIRMING THOUGHTS FILLED WITH EASE, GRACE, AND, RESPECT for it.

Opportunity is when you can see the abundance that is all around you. Many can’t see this because they permanently lack focus and are focused on the lack itself.

Once you have amplified your intrinsic value and have created more opportunity, the final step is to harness this into strategy.

What if you could not only see more opportunity, but could also create an environment where opportunity magically flowed to you?

Welcome to...


A Self- Study Online Mentoring Programme to remove wealth blocks, restore your intrinsic value, and create a solid path for your highest financial future.

Wealth Mentoring is not your average money mentoring program. I will provide you with a pre-recorded self- study programme and an empowered structure that fast tracks through any toxic and limiting money beliefs, teaches you hidden occult money knowledge, and activates your personal prosperity. Finally, create a revolutionarily inspired healthy money story with the outcomes to match.

Programme topics:

  • Understand the Energy of Money: Your Vibration Reset
  • Scarcity vs. Wealth Consciousness: Take Back Your Wealth Power
  • Producer or Consumer:? Your Crucial Creative Choice
  • The Isms: — Capitalism, Corporatism, Communism, and How They Affect You
  • Identify and Eliminate Toxic Money Beliefs: A Channeled Exercise
  • Speaking Money into Existence : Etymology Made Simple
  • Mr. Money & His Exclusive Interview : Your Money Voice
  • Your Money Inventory: Setting Up Systems for Financial Success
  • The Ruby Laws of Prosperity: -Channeled Intelligence of Immutable Laws

With the Wealth: Transform Your Money Story self-study programme, you will have me, as your distance mentor to help guide and navigate your journey towards achieving your financial goals. Finally, create the abundance and stability that you have always craved. The actions you take in this programme will be etherically supported by our flagship ritual work and wealth tools:

spiritual marketing coach

Wealth Ritualistic Work

Receive one bespoke custom wealth ritual that restores your intrinsic value, showers you with opportunity, and plugs any money leaks that keep you from having the wealth you deserve. I will personally design your ritual to amplify your financial life, in the areas of Business, Employment, Opportunity, Strategy, Luck and more.

Walk with supreme confidence, knowing that you have conquered your money story forever.

Wealth Tools

Our Wealth Toolkit includes energized elements designed to accelerate your wealth, which includes our custom

Wealth Bracelets, for MEN and WOMEN.

Using powerful Magick, Solar, and Jupiterian energies, this bracelet will allow you to spot value in people, circumstances, and situations as well as act as a Universal money magnet. You’ll be aligning your wealth consciousness to your abundant new life, filled with opportunity and reward (.This is programmed according to gender). 

Cellular Wealth Restructuring

You will not find this anywhere else. Our flagship Cellular Wealth Restructuring is a one stop shop for integrating your intrinsic value at the cellular level. In this advanced clearing process you will release trapped ancestral blockages, rewire your energy body, restructure your damaged DNA and RNA systems, rewire your money blueprint, and cleanse your creativity and money making chakras.

This paradigm changer shifts your internal compass from scarcity and lack to abundance and true inherent value. Get ready to welcome and lifelong worth by upgrading your internal money operating systems forever.

Enter the realm of divine alchemical financial power

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